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At Kiwi Supertots, our mission statement is: Building a foundation for the children of our future.

We believe in providing a strong curriculum with quality, caring teachers. Our Botany branch was custom designed and opened in 2009 with children in mind as the top priority.  All our resources are kept at children’s eye level for easy access.  With an open plan setting, our areas are spacious with 3 separate play areas for our different age groups.






Session Times:

0 – 5 years (Plus: Before & After School Care for Ages 5 – 13)

Nursery | Learning Centre | Kinder Palace

Monday to Friday : 7am to 6pm

37 Bishop Dunn Place, Botany. Auckland.

+64 9 271 6553

Babies (0-2 years) All Day
Toddlers (2-3 years) All Day
Preschoolers (3-5 years) All Day
20 Hours ECE (3-4 years) Sessional


TAKE A TOUR: Photo tour of our Botany Branch

TAKE A TOUR: Video tour of our Kiwi Supertots Botany branch