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How To Choose the Right Childcare

Choosing the right childcare can be challenging but it can also be quite rewarding once you find that your precious one is comfortable and happy in their new learning environment.

We’ve collated a few tips and useful information for you below to help you through the selection process.

 First Impressions

As the famous saying goes, you never get a second chance for a first impression. Visiting centre’s is a due process and your first impression towards every centre’s people and environment will help you make that important enrolment decision.


This is something that every centre will provide their own unique touch on. Although you’ll find that curriculum will be a top priority for every centre, as a parent, you should think about choosing a centre that provides a curriculum for your child that you agree with and more importantly, your child fits in well with. Remember to also enquire about how each centre applies Te Whariki to their curriculum.


Facilities are everything from resources, learning options, additional lessons, food, indoor and outdoor play areas and everything in between.  Kiwi Supertots prides itself on high quality facilities including options for sports and music lessons, catered food for children and open flow indoor / outdoor play areas.

 Health & Safety

Ask about healthy eating and special dietary options, medication administration, hygiene control, safety policies, first aid qualifications, allergy awareness and actions, best practice and most importantly, communication back to parents.

 Management & Staff

Management & Staff and a centres people bring to life all the elements of a quality learning environment.  Ask about the teachers abilities, areas of specialisation or expertise as well as their qualifications.  Again, communication is important between teachers and parents so learn about the centre’s communication processes and best practices. Learn more >>

 X Factor

Finally, the ‘X Factor’ is what allows you to make that YES decision. Once you find that everything from first impressions through to staff and management are a green light then congratulations, you’ve found a centre with the X Factor.

 The Bottom Line

Its important to remember that finding the right childcare is not only about all of the above, but its also about the dollars and cents.  Ask about fees and compare with other centres.  In some cases, paying a little more for better quality care is worth every dollar that you pay but for some families that little extra can often take them over the edge on their budget.  Have an open and honest chat with the centre you visit and let them know about your budget.  Remember, there are many options available to parents, for example WINZ or ECE20.